We are on the eve of the great revolution triggered by the frenetic and fast technological changes taking place.
And it is important to be ready.

The company TeamBit, founded in 2018, was founded with the primary purpose of leading companies, companies, institutions and consumers through this change of paradigm that will revolutionize the production chains, business strategies and the daily organization of work. Taking advantage of the consolidated experience of experts in the fields of technological innovation, TeamBit is able to realize and provide IT solutions, based on innovative technologies such as robotization and blockchain.


Mining Farm

These are structures equipped with all the equipment necessary to extract the most interesting cryptocurrencies.


Initial Coin Offering, refers in the financial sector to an unregulated crowdfunding tool.

Criptovalute and Blockchain Training Services

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Bot and Robot Development for Human Interaction

Implementation of programs based on Artificial Intelligence designed to interact with human beings.


Business strategies that aim to diversify the products or services offered by a company to allow them to enter new markets.

Business Software

There are numerous company software or management software that automate and streamline the management processes within companies.

Transparent and Efficient Companies Management Systems

Protocols and applications to streamline and optimize company production processes and make interaction with the user transparent.

DAO and DAC Systems and Governance Solutions

Interfaces, Methods of access to information, IT security and business governance systems.


Blockchain technology is a technological innovation with multiple applications, because it allows the sharing of data and resources.

Innovation App

Design and implementation of innovative app for the improvement of production processes and company work.

Storage Systems and Secure Identification

Hardware devices, media and software for storing information in electronic format.

IoT and Automation

Application of the Internet to the world of objects and automatic control systems to manage machines and processes.

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